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Welcome to the virtual presentation of our surgery. Here you will find information, news and tips on how to use the pneumologist surgery Dr. Flade in Wädenswil and furthermore about the topics of pneumology. Of course we would also like to welcome you in our real surgery.
On July 1, 2012 I took over the surgery from Dr. Andreas Züllig. New ideas and insights are gained by thinking about why he might have done things one way or another. Medicine does not be definitely as mathematics. Medicine often is plurivalent. This take over is a bit similar to a cooperation but with very unequal basics. See yourselves on the next pages.
One much appreciated service we can continue: In our house there are two surgeries, Dr. Lay´s and ours. Dr. Lay sold his surgery. The new owner is Dr. Manfred Jahn. Both plan their holidays so that each day except weekends one of them is opened at least up to 12 o´clock. So you will find a doctor on five days a week and there is always the same substitute. Tel Dr. Jahn: 044 780 51 21.
At night and at weekends you can call the emergency doctor in the Kanton Zürich via phonenumber 0800 33 66 55.
25 years of working in the field of pneumology and 30 years in medicine al together have led not only to knowledge, but also to experience and ability.
Let us briefly look at history: Until the Middle Ages strength and using weapons had led to victory. In the New time the sentence “Knowledge is power” became true. In our digital ages information can easily be looked up. Now experience, training and ability and critical thinking are becoming more and more important.
On following pages I will share some insights gained from such experience and training. The text is based on the experience with patients and their diseases. However, my view and opinion may change. Information will soon be extended. These first pages are being worked on and continually improved. That is why you will often not find references to sources. Here I present known medical knowledge and my own personal view. I try to get an appropriate view of the world around us and in us.
I am not a blogger. However, I would appreciate an exchange concerning these thoughts. I would be interested in weather you have a different view. I will try and answer as far as my fulltime job allows me. If you like, you are invited to write a comment or an e-mail to me.




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