Pandemia exit strategy worldwide

Proposal: Pandemia exit strategy worldwide

Protective face masks (- curtains):

By now we know: The Corona-virus is extremely contagious. Obviously it is already in the throat multiplied. The main way of infection is via droplets out of our mouths when we speak, laugh, sneeze or cough etc. We have to recognize: We do not even need to cough for being contagious. Laughing or speaking are enough. Therefore: Without face mask two meters distance. The rule makes sense.
Results of studies show that the contagiousness starts even before infected people feel any symptoms.
Protection can be offered by face masks as seen on the TV or elsewhere. There is everywhere a dispute going about the sense of face masks.
To everyone who denies that use of face masks make sense I recommend to look after a corona-patient for three days without the protection of a face mask. Probably he changes his mind. Is the contagiousness outside really lower than next to the corona-patient?
Most of the already infected people denied the risk of being infected befort the infection. It is a mere self-delusion. If we can be contagious long before we feel any symptoms then we are potentially contagious, in fact always. The same is true for everyone around us. If we use a face mask we think it protects us from getting infected. That works by being a wall before our nose and mouth and through absorbtion of the fluid with the viruses. But this only works if the fluid does not penetrate the textile. From the moment the mask has been used first it is contagious itself. It can be contagious from both sides, inside and outside.
We have to assume that each mask already used one time is already contagious, indeed on both sides.
If we take off the mask and touch it on one of the both sides we risk to become infected, which is what we wanted to avoid, though. Remember not to touch the mask on any side and store it in a way (for example: Hanging) so it can not touch anything else to make this object contagious too. Otherwise we would spread the virus uncautiously. Quickly taking it off and store it in the hand bag for the next use is forbidden! Don’t do that!
If you want to use a mask a second time please touch it only at the straps on the sides and hang it round your ears or knot it behind your head. Better would be not to remove the mask except for eating or drinking. So the risk by touching infected surfaces is reduced. For more than one day we can not use a mask. It depends on the amount of fluids absorbed out of nose and mouth. If the mask got wet we will replace the mask by another one.



The easiest of the best ways of one-waymasks is to burn them. Burnt things are no longer contagious.
Or: If you use a reusable mask in the evening when you leave your flat no more put it into a bowl, pour boiling water on it 5 cm high and let it become cool. Half an hour later you wash it and let it dry overnight. On the next day you can use it again.
Or: If you use a reusable mask and there is enough disinfectant in your home, in the evening when you leave no more your flat put your mask in a bowl and add the disinfectant in the correct concentration and for the correct time (written on the package). Afterwards wash your mask, let it dry overnight and use it the next day again.
Two minutes treating the mask with a steam iron on th highest level will stop the virus laughing too.
Note that putting it in the waste after usage is not the best way to dispose of it. If you press the bin liner, contagious air is released out of it. Probably it remains contagious. That is the worst kind to dispose of the mask.


Sewing a mask yourself:

Forget what you have seen on the TV or elsewhere. We are not in the hospital, not in the surgery room. We do not need surgical masks. We need a Virus-Absorber, therefore textile in front of our mouths to absorb droplets from both sides. A so called „face curtain“ is enough. It can be open and does not need to be fixed at the lower side.
The advantage is that the exhaled air can flow down not irritating your eyes or steaming up your glasses.
It is easy to make, two or four layers of cotton (from bedsheets or dishcloths etc.) can be used. Size: 2 cm in front of the right ear to 2 cm in front of the left ear, lower eyelid to 8 cm (palm) beneath the chin. Double size, folded over on the upper side and 2 cm below a plain seam by hand or by machine. A cord or string is pulled through the „tunnel“ on the upper side, pulled over the ears and fixed behind your head. No folds, no additional fixation at the head. The „face curtain“ is complete.

Such a „curtain“ is made quickly. The material is found in each household. It is easy to handle and not uncomfortable to wear, even in high temperatures. Within three days more than 90 % of the worlds population can wear a virus-absorber in front of their face.
Important: The textile has to be permeable for your breathing air but it has to absorb enough fluid too to protect you from fluid with viruses penetrating the textile. I think it would be appropriate to use a nice textile inside and outside and in the middle two layers of cotton. Added up that whould be four layers. Depending on the textile probably two layers are enough. If you cut the textile in double size and fold it over upside you need to sew only one seam. Ready.
Even simplier: 2 paper napkins, unfolded half, one layed upon the other, layed a thread along the fold and folded them together again. One paper-clip to the right, one to the left. Tie the thread above your ears behind your head and fix it. Ready. If the paper gets wet burn it and take a new one.
For a long time we will not have enough face masks in the whole world. Nowadays there is a worldwide trade war for protective face masks. Each curtain we sew ourselves and reuse it relieves the pressure in favour of other countries and people.
Let’s make a fashion out of the face curtain. It can remain as a nice souvenir of the Corona-pandemia. The governments might even look for the nicest ones for men and for women at the end of the year, the WHO for the best one in the world! Lets turn it into a sport!
Produce more than one and give it to your relatives and your friends. Think for the homeless persons. Give them a new one each day and burn the old one immediately.
Model de luxe: Two strips at both lower corners to fix the curtain loosly around your neck.
In camps each inhabitant needs a new mask oder curtain each day or the inhabitants need a possibility to boil their masks or curtains each evening. Taking it off only for eating or drinking. Eating only alone.
Those who have a surgical face mask can use it of course. Gloves will increase the protection. But most important is to catch droplets, which is what a face curtain does, the virus-absorber. Everything more is nice to have but not necessary. The more viruses within drops are caught and thrown into the fire or boiled in water the less infections, the less corona-patients, the less corona-deaths we will have.


Additional measures:

Wash clothes or dishes if possible at more than 90°C. Corona-viruses are fairly heat-restistant. No one-way dishes or burn them, better wash them at more than 90°C. Where possible desinfect physically by heat, not chemically.
Outside your flat always wear a mask or a curtain. If you accidentally meet a person without a mask or curtain do not speek, do not laugh, do not sneeze and do not cough, if the distance is less than two meters.
Eat only in your flat and without guests.
Desinfection of hands etc. remains.
In hospitals and other medical institutions stricter rules are valid.


Proposal for an pandemia-exit-strategy:

Wearing face-masks or face-curtains and handling them correctly all people working in offices, on construction sites, in factories, in the agriculture, in supermarkets and shops, in IT-workplaces, in the freetime-sector, cultural activities and activities in societies, even hairdressers are able to work. That is true even for people with light diseases of the airways. When working or meeting other persons both have to wear a face-mask or face-curtain. If you can not wear such a protection, do not speak!
In public transportation masks or curtains are obligatory. Then all seats could be used, even places for standing when keeping a distance of at least 1/2 m. That rule can be used on planes too. No food in public transportation or planes.
In the gastronomy one month after the last corona-patient was admitted to the hospital in the same administrative unit restaurants and hotels can open entirly. Until then the 1-guest-1-table-rule is effective and an appropiate distance between the tables. Tables are desinfected after each use. Staff always uses virus-absorber and gloves and is divided in „Clean“ and „Used“. „Clean“ ones bring the meals, „Used“ ones put the dishes away and stake the dishwasher.
Dead ones do not speek, not laugh, not sneeze, not cough. Stored in appropriate bags they are not contagious. Lieing in the street and not been touched they are rarely contagious.
I bet, with these rules we have restricted the corona-pandemia or even eliminated it faster, than a vaccine is fit for the market and we will have avoided side effects of not yet prooven medications.

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