Cogitate about Corona

Cogitate on Corona and us(05/2020)

In wealthy countries there are now enough face-masks, in other countries there are not. However, on the global market the wealthy countries outrival the poorer ones. That is the was the market works.
Let’s discuss some thoughts about face masks or face curtains:
– We are not in an operation theatre. We don’t need surgical masks. We don’t have to comply with surgical standards.
– The face masks needed against the pandemic need not to be tight for Corona-viruses. They only have to absorb viruses in both directions. Because viruses are spread almost always by droplets out of our mouth (when speaking, singing, coughing etc.) the curtain or mask has to hang in front of our mouth so that it can work sufficiently.
– The curtain or mask has to be comfortable enough in front of our mouths for the whole day (except when eating or drinking or walking outdoor and no person is visible). We do not breathe through the textile like through a filter but beside it. Otherwise the mask would not be tolerable for a longer time by many people, because breathing were too hard.
– Right from the first use of the mask it is considered to be contagious, indeed on both sides. Take off the curtain or mask only by the strips on the aside and do not touch the surfaces. If you remove the mask or curtain during the day, make sure nothing touches the surfaces. So we can avoid spreading viruses.
– Every evening disinfect your curtain or mask with boiling water.
– You need boiling-proof and absorbing material (like cotton), four layers, to absorb the droplets from both sides without penetration of the fluid and viruses through the textile.
Of course you can use manufactured masks too.


Lets face another thought:
The longer I have been dealing with and thinking about the virus and the pandemic, the more I am convinced that we could have coped with the virus and even eliminated it by wearing such curtains or masks very early after we got to know about it, indeed all of us. We could have saved many lives and a lot of money too. The lock down could have been less absolute and shorter. Instead most people are concerned with looking for arguments not to wear such virus absorbers. Human beings are very stupid, the more self-confident, the more. To avoid masks contact-tracing via our mobile systems is preferred by the majority of the inhabitants. Lucky who has only lived in countries without the danger of using such data by the government against their inhabitants. I am surprised at such trust. Do you understand why I miss human intelligence on earth?


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