Climate protectors

Climate protectors(10/2020)

Invitation to the climate protectors in the younger generations
Of course, you are right if you reproach the older generations with their robbery of the earth and as a consequence the stealing of your future. We, the postwar generations, thought if everyone acts in his own best interest, each would benefit and even our earth, too. I admit we were and are very very very stupid.
The conclusion can be drawn that the younger generations soon have to protect the earth from the access of the older generations. Well, I don’t want to contradict. Until now people easily believed to be able to change things by some measures. Thinking about the facts, we become aware, that it has never been so easy and now and in future changes will not be easy.
In consequence we can conclude easily that a struggle has to be started between the generations up to the use of knifes or guns or even explosives. With pleasure we would stop or prevent war but only if we had won the last war… That really would have been the last war.
Would you allow me to invite you? Climate protection means there is already somebody robbing and we have to fight him to protect the weak, the climate weakling. For decades already the fight has been going on. To destroy something built by others (Our prosperity is to a great part made by the former generations) is always easy. Harder is the construction of new things. Well, that is our claim.
We have too much CO2 in our atmosphere and even in the water. It changes our climate and makes the earth warmer. Of course we can now fight new production of CO2. However, this will not lead to a reduction of the already produced CO2 and there is new CO2 still being produced from now on. Our way of life we don’t like zu restrict, do we? If there are restrictions, then of course the others should follow them, too or better, others more than we ourselves.
I’d like to invite you to change our climate constructively with the since billions of years prooven as to be harmless und lifegiving molecule Chlorophyll. For this we don’t need to develop new technologies that in the worst case are dangerous themselves and are not natural. Except a little amount of other components only CO2, H2O and solare energy are needed. How simple… May I invite you to change from climate protector to climate developer? Let’s avoid to be „against“ but let’s be „pro“.
There we would find some other advantages:
The sea level could be lowered by this technique too. Could we overlook this side effect?
The biotope of human beings could be increased without coping with the hostility of life in the space.
Who knows, this change of the climate could be supported by many people? Climate could be meant in a deeper sense too, than only the influence of CO2 and temperature. Probably that is equal to the weather. Everyone wants the weather that he likes. We have to be glad not to be able to change the wheather. Otherwise we would fight each other much more often.
We might avoid wars for water with this idea? This war is coming. It is a question of time. The preperations are proceeding intensivly.
The idea has one crucial disadvantage. It will likely never earn money, will never generate a return. It will cost money and effort. That’s why we needn’t bother that companies, politicians or other egotists upstage us. At most they become enemies. That would mean a change of roles. Let’s get on with it ourselves. We don’t want to force someone into doing something, that he or she is not able to do. Let’s start and get a grip on things ourselves.
I’m a doctor and an old man too. If you are interested or even more than that, let’s come together. I wish you a happy, interesting and well-balanced future and I would be happy to join the building up.
Warm welcome!

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