Asthma and COPD





1. COPD (Asthma)
1.1. Definition: What does it mean?
1.2. Cause: How does COPD (Asthma) start?
1.3. Co-factors – What else does influence our lungs?
1.4. Reasons for complaints: Why do we get symptoms? Under which conditions do the symptoms get worse?
1.5. Complaints and symptoms of asthma and chronic bronchitis.
2. Different courses of disease
2.1. Type „Asthma“
2.2. Typ “Chronic bronchitis” (chronic obstructive bronchitis)
2.3. Typ “Emphysema”
2.4. Type “Obstruction”
2.5. Type “Mixed type”
2.6. How can we differentiate among the type of asthma and the types of chronic bronchitis?
3.  United Airways. Asthma of the nose.
3.1. Hay fever and chronic rhinitis not caused by allergy.
4. Other aspects
4.1. COPD – Asthma and Smoking