Basic principles


Important to think about:

Many of our patients are suffering from a chronic disease. Therefore the most important objective is not always to cure the patient (often we are not able to achieve it) but to maintain a good quality of life until high age. This is a challenge for us and often needs a different treatment. We try our best to alleviate your acute symptoms. But longterm we focus on maintaining a high quality of life.
Asthma and chronic bronchitis (COPD) are diseases that are often hereditary. Not all members of the family may suffer from them in the same way. There may be great differences. But if you ask in your family (parents and their relatives, sisters and brothers, children) with high probability you will find more persons suffering from similar symptoms resp. diseases.
If you find anyone who also needs help you may want to refer him to us.
If you suffer from any of these symptoms or diseases, we can treat and also coach you in how to enhance your quality of life.
We live in an age of two worlds, the analogue (real) and the digital (virtual) one. We are offered more and more digital information, entertainment and even help. Every day new medical apps reach the markets. A huge number of providers send information to our office and living room.
In pneumology similarly to dietetics more than in other disciplines of medicine it has been shown that medical information is often very general and might often be excessive. Even professional providers tend to do that. We offer and recommend to choose information for you. We try to give you information that is important in your individual case. It does not make sense to know a lot of things about god and the world not knowing what matters to oneself.
What about if a taxi-agency offered their guests to send a taxi only digitally. This is much faster and much cheaper. Consequence: You would not arrive to your destination. What you can do in the digital world has its limits. This is how we use these new worlds: For communication we offer digital ways with pleasure. However, for your medical history, to examine you, to make a therapy we prefer the real world. That’s why we still ask you to see us. I think this will not change in the near future.

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