Complaints and diseases treated



Here you will find key-words for symptoms or diseases we diagnose and treat:

asthma bronchiale   –   chronic bronchitis (COPD)   –   sarcoidosis   –   fibrosis of the lungs
breathlessness or cough dependent on weather (dry = less, wet = more trouble)
allergies of the airways   –   noises when breathing   –   emergency cases with breathlessness
cough when speaking, laughing or at physical excertion or when going inside or outside
water in your lungs   –   pain in your chest   –   effects of smoking   –   bronchitis or pneumonia
tuberculosis   –   lung cancer   –   clearing throat often and without reason
cough in the morning   –   apnoes at night   –   snore   –   tiredness   –   sweating   –   cough with bloody phlegm
repeated and longlasting infections of the airways   –   pulmonary deseases      –      and more…

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