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2. Freedom (7/2017)

Dear great and small rulers!

All people like freedom, more or less. An integral part of freedom is that we can determine the extent of it ourselves. Freedom is not absolute but it is self-determination while respecting each other.
Freedom that was fought for is no freedom. Hardwon freedom ties us to the fight and we are compelled to fight again and again for freedom. Past centuries have shown us this. Revolutions and wars of liberation have proved this.
Are we able to learn from that?
More over: Hasn’t history proved in many centuries: We are able to build high towers and long tunnels and we can control nuclear power (to a large extent) and fly to the moon and prolong our lives. But we are not able to improve human beiings morally and we are especially not able to achieve this by force or reeducation. People like you and me unite „good“ and „bad“ in one person like a coin has two sides. This is a given.
Each ruler thinks, so to speak as the last one and for the last time, he has to use pressure and force. If the aim was reached pressure and force would no longer be needed. Then everything would be good. Is there one single ruler who has not erred until now?
The world has never been improved by elimination of people or ideas. This always means: One dies and the other one lives. Achieving a compromise means: Both die and both live, each to an extent. A fair compromise is the cherry on the cake.
Conclusion: Offer your people, offer your neighbors and fellowmen freedom.
We have to accept the Evil in us. To eliminate the evil through death or by putting into prison is no solution, not even emergency solution. It is always the next turn of the spiral of violence.
Tolerance and freedom to give are two procedures, which need a lot of energy. As much energy as we have today we have never had. We should use it for giving instead of restricting freedom.
Please offer your people and your fellowmen tolerance and freedom. Then we should have a chance for the coming centuries to be more friendly than the past ones.
We, your people, neighbours and fellowmen will do the same to you!
I ask for your consense and cooperation.