Dr. med. Wilfried Flade

Born 1956 in Cottbus (Germany)
1977-83       Study of medicine in Hannover (D)
1989             Doctor of medicine for a clinical study in Pediatric Nephrology
1984-93       Residencies in three hospitals in Germany as a physician
1992             Consultant “Internal medicine”
1993             Pneumologist
1993             Allergologist (Germany)
1997             Specialist of Environmental medicine (Germany)
1993-1994   Senior physician, hospital Clausthal-Zellerfeld (D)
1994-2012    Private practice pneumologist in Northeim (D)
Since 07/2012 private practice pneumologist in Wädenswil (CH)

Professional memberships:

AerzteGesellschaft des Kantons Zürich AGZ,
Association of pneumologists in Switzerland
Professional Association of Pneumologists in Germany
Association of Allergologists and Immunologists in Switzerland
European Respiratory Society


Medical assistents:


Margot Ogunsola



Brigitte Graber
Brigitte Graber