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Medicine and Grapefruit

Maybe you have seen or read or heard of it in the media:
Grapefruit(juice), not to the same extent also other citrusfruits, may to affect the metabolism of medicine in our body. Some medicines are being absorbed better by the bowel. Others are being decomposed more slowly. Others are being absorbed to a lesser extent or are being decomposed faster.
In consequence some medications are changed to poison in our body, some have a weaker effect or do not work at all.
Even little amounts cause the changes, for example half a glass of grapefruitjuice. And the change lasts for more than 24 hours. If the combination (once a glass of grapefruitjuice plus medicine) occurs one time it will rarely disturb our body. But regularly combining grapefruit plus medicine will often develop severe consequences. You need to avoid this.
Medication for your lung or bronchi will nearly never cause such negative effects.
This applies the medications with the following ingredients:
Medication against hypertension as Felodipin, Losartan, Nifedipin, Nitrendipin …
Medication against arrhythmias as Amiodarone, Amlodipin, Propafenon …
Medication to delay your coagulation as Clopidogrel, Rivaroxaban …
Medication to lower your bloodfat as Atorvastatin, Simvastatin …
Medication for sleep or to come to rest or antidepressivs as Carbamazepin, Diazepam, Methadon, Midazolam, Sertralin …
Medication for prostata as Tamsulosin …
And other medication. But you will rarely get such medicine from us.


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Kane, G. C. et al.: Drug-grapefruit juice interactions Mayo Clin. Proc. 75 (2000) 933-942.

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